The Amazing New Hiccup Stick

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The feeling is terrible. Every minute or so, your throat convulses and you create a horrible sounding "hic!" that makes everybody turn their head. No matter what you do, you can't get it to stop. If you are in a crowd of people, it's not only irksome, but it's incredibly embarrassing as well. You'd do anything to get rid of the dreaded hiccups! But there's nothing you can do.

Until now.

Introducing the new Hiccup Stick, from Hicural. This amazing device provides quick and welcome relief from hiccups where nothing else has worked. No holding your breath and keeping your chin on your chest, no goofy contortions that make you look foolish. People who have used the Hiccup Stick have reported that the relief it brings is instant and soothing. No more hiccups, and no more embarrassment.

The basic cause of hiccups is when the diaphragm, that muscle that helps your lungs breath, undergoes a spasm. It makes you inhale quickly, and then your vocal chords suddenly slam shut. This causes the "hic" sound, which is so embarrassing and uncomfortable.

When you use the Hiccups Stick, you simply bite down on the stick and drink some water. The combination of biting and drinking keeps the muscle spasms from happening, and allows you to get some quick relief.

The tool itself is contained in its own plastic tube, which can be carried anywhere. Your purse, pocket, backpack, glove compartment. Because it's in a plastic sleeve, it will remain clean and ready for you to use whenever you need it. Imagine having a tool to quickly pull out and use whenever you get some hiccups that last more than a minute. Just pull the tool out, use it, and then enjoy the quick relief.

Many people from all over are raving about this amazing product. People who have suffered long bouts of hiccups without any end in sight are happier than ever that this product was created. The more you imagine how inconvenient hiccups are, the easier it is to make the decision to get this product today. Just think, once you have this, you'll never have to worry about hiccups ever again.

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