Stop Your Hiccups!

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Anywhere, Everytime… Instantly. 

At Hicural we are serious about stopping your hiccups.  If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product, simply return it and we will give you a full refund. The Hiccup Stick is reusable, just wash with soap and warm water after each use.  We recommend that each family member have a Hiccup Stick for their own use, just like a toothbrush.

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The Hiccup Stick

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Price: $8.99


Product Description
Hiccup relief at your fingertips! No longer endure discomfort from hiccups with this amazing new tool that stops annoying hiccups every time. Safe and simple to use over and over again.

Stop hiccups anytime, anywhere, every time in seconds! Use it at home, work, school or on the go. A perfect solution for families with kids. Convenient carrying case. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

For best results use a drinking glass or plastic or paper cup. Water and sports bottles are not recommended.

Step 1 – Hold the Hicural tool with tab facing inward toward mouth. Make sure curved side of the tool’s tab is pointing up and flat side facing down.

Step 2 – Place the tool in mouth until it reaches outer corners. Gently bite down and slowly drink water from a glass or cup. Hiccups should stop within 20 seconds. If hiccups do not stop; repeat steps one and two.





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